The Kansas State Nurses Association (KSNA) is the largest and most inclusive nursing association throughout our entire state. We represent the voice of the profession for all Registered Nurses. Our members are also constituent members of the American Nurses Association (ANA).

KSNA is a bipartisan association. It is our intent with this questionnaire to share with our members to help form their own decisions in the November 2022 election and where there is a need for education and advocacy for nurses and healthcare issues.


Are you in favor of Medicaid expansion?

Do you have plans to address the cost of and the lack of mental health services in Kansas?

Please explain your ideas and collaborative efforts for 2023 to solve this crisis.

Please explain your position on how to better protect nurses from the increasing violence they experience in the workplace.

We appreciate your time to answer these important questions.

Best regards,

Kelly Sommers
Executive Director
Kansas State Nurses Association