Visibility of the KSNA Organization

Strategy #1: Communication internally and externally about the ongoing work of the organization

Action: Continue to highlight a member monthly (newsletter, Kansas Nurse, or website).

Action: Highlight committee and region work monthly (newsletter, Kansas Nurse, or website)-or

Action: Identify an issue monthly pertinent to a community and how a nurse contributes to the solution (newsletter, Kansas Nurse, or website)-or

Action: Highlight the role of what a nurse is and does, emphasize the humanitarian engagement (newsletter, Kansas Nurse, website)-or

Action: Highlight the KSNA 110 year history to leverage visibility.

Strategy #2: Increase KSNA presence on boards/committees across the state of Kansas or Nationally

Action: Identify and publish KSNA members involved in other organizations and empower them to be the voice of KSNA in those venues – KSNA Board of Directors will publish the list of committees/organizations they participate in.

  1. Create a list of all boards and committees KSNA board and members participate in.
  2. Use MMSD connection/tool (Nurses on Boards) to create list quarterly.

Action: Identify the gap of organizations in Kansas that should have KSNA representation and fill with KSNA members – Council for Collaboration in Nursing (KCCN), Kansas State Board of Nursing (KSBN) and have the KSNA President attend as the KSNA representative.

Action: Mentor nurses to engage in community activity and board positions.

Action: Post open KSNA committee and board positions on website.

  1. Create a call to action to create interest in KSNA board and committee positions

Improve Member Engagement

Strategy #1: Increase member involvement in committees, membership, legislative and practice

Action: Develop a welcome video for new members and post to website

Action: Assign board members to each region.

  1. Board members to lead welcome meetings for new members in region once a month.
  2. Board members to disseminate post cards or letters to new members monthly.
  3. Board members to disseminate holiday cards in their assigned regions.
  4. Board members to arrange presentations to nursing programs and health care organizations in their assigned regions.

Strategy #2: Commit to KSNA leadership development program

Action: Initiate a call to action to increase member involvement on committees.

Action: Develop an orientation/mentor program for committee chairs and members.

Action: If a committee does not have a chair assign a board member to serve.

Enhance Advocacy Efforts

Strategy #1: Increase legislative advocacy efforts and presence

Action: Annually, review Legislative Platform, disseminate on website, and revise as needed.

Action: Post legislative updates to website as they occur, but at least monthly.

Action: Add KSNA President as third party for policy access, along with KSNA Director and Legislative Chair.

Action: Disseminate calls to action for nursing and legislative issues (workforce, ethics, practice).

Action: Develop advocacy toolkits for membership.