Consent to Serve for Board of Directors – 2024

The Nominations Committee would like to extend an invitation to all KSNA members to submit their name as a candidate for eligible positions for election on the KSNA Board of Directors. If you wish to run for any of the positions listed, please complete the consent to serve form at the bottom of this page.

  • PRESIDENT-ELECT (Four Year Term – January 1, 2025-December 31, 2028)

The president shall be elected to a four-year term: the first year as president-elect, automatically becomes president for two years, and serves as immediate past-president for one year. The president-elect shall assume the duties assigned by the president and/or the Board of Directors. (Elect 1)

  • SECRETARY (Two Year Term – January 1, 2025-December 31, 2026)

The secretary shall provide notice in advance of all meetings, keep the minutes of all meetings of the association, the Executive Committee, and the Board of Directors. Additionally, the secretary of KSNA shall perform the duties usually performed in such leadership roles and as specified in the bylaws and designated by the KSNA Board of Director. (Elect 1)

  • BOARD MEMBER (Three Year Term January – 1, 2025-December 31, 2027)

Each year one director shall be elected to serve on the board for three years. Board members of KSNA shall perform the duties usually performed in such leadership roles and as specified in the bylaws and designated by the KSNA Board of Directors.

  •  NOMINATING COMMITTEE (One Year Term – January 1, 2025-December 31, 2025)

This position queries the membership for nominations for officers of the Board of Directors, compiles the information for membership consideration and oversees the KSNA election process as defined in the KSNA bylaws. The Committee will consider the names submitted by the Regions as well as other qualified members in preparing the ballot. (Elect 4)

  •  ANA MEMBERSHIP ASSEMBLY REPESENTATIVE (One Year Term – January 1, 2025 – December 31, 2025)

One representative shall be elected each year for a one-year term to the ANA Membership Assembly. Representatives are charged to act on behalf of the entire association for the benefit of ANA and nursing as a whole. The issues before the Membership Assembly may be new, cutting-edge and politically complex. Attention should be focused on the big picture—policy and standards which determine the preferred future of the profession and association. Must be able to commit annually to participate in a three to four-day Membership Assembly meeting, typically in Washington, DC. The individual with the second highest votes received will be designated as an alternate.



All participating KSNA leaders must complete this form to run for an elected position within the Kansas State Nurses Association (KSNA). Candidates must be a current KSNA member in good standing to run for office (any other specific requirements will be listed in the position description). Submission of this form indicates that you understand the duties and responsibilities of the office for which you are submitting your name. If elected I agree to fulfill the duties of the office to the best of your ability.

By submitting this form, I am committing to:

  • Provide leadership in line with KSNA’s Vision, Mission, and By-laws;
  • Be accountable to KSNA members – communicate honestly and transparently; and
  • Fulfill the duties of the position and participate when requested