How Can I Serve?

Getting Involved in KSNA

There are a number of ways to become active in the Kansas State Nurses Association. Below is a listing and description of the Committees, Councils, and Event Planning Groups that are appointed on an annual basis to carry out the work of the professional organization. If you are interested in serving with any of these groups, please complete the consent form below.

Each year, the KSNA Board of Directors will appoint members to serve on the various standing committees, councils and event planning groups by the first of the next year. Interested persons should be solicited for these appointments at the time of the annual Membership Assembly in the preceding year and with personally expressed interest/expertise (see Consent to Serve Form below).

A chair will be selected by the KSNA Board of Directors with election/approval of the prospective candidate. Appointed representatives from the KSNA Board will serve as a liaison to assist each group chair with the functioning of their assigned group.

All representative committees, councils, and groups function within the framework of the KSNA Bylaws and will respond to current issues and requests from the KSNA Board of Directors. Recommendations from committees, councils, and groups shall be communicated to the KSNA Board of Directors for acceptance/approval prior to being enacted upon.

Chair Responsibilities of Standing Committees, Councils, and Groups:

  • Plan to attend the annual KSNA Membership Assembly and report on assigned group’s activities for the year and plans for the coming year.
  • Schedule meetings and clear meeting dates with the KSNA office. It is suggested that all appointed group members be solicited for their availability on scheduled meeting dates prior to placement on the calendar. Meetings may be held in person at an agreed upon location, through conference call format, or in another economical manner. Provide at least 10 days of notice for upcoming group meetings.
  • Prepare an agenda for meetings and distribute it to the KSNA office and individual group members. Notify KSNA staff of need for any specific materials prior to meeting.
  • Cancellation of scheduled meetings must be communicated to group members and the KSNA office in a timely manner.
  • Conduct meetings according to Roberts Rules of Order.
  • Monitor attendance of group members at meetings and report to the KSNA office when a member has missed two consecutive meetings without notice.
  • Designate a recorder for each meeting. Minutes of the meeting should capture all important discussion and motions. Include a list of attendees. A follow-up list at the end of minutes serves as a good reference for assigned tasks. Review minutes for accuracy before submitting a copy to the KSNA office and members of the group (submit within one week of group’s last meeting).
  • Lead the effort to establish group goals/plans and budget needs for submission to the KSNA Board of Directors for approval. The assigned KSNA Board
    Liaison can report this information to the KSNA Board of Directors at their next scheduled meeting.
  • Prepare an annual report for publication in the Membership Assembly issue of The Kansas Nurse (September-October) by August 1.

Member Responsibilities of Standing Committees, Councils, and Groups:

  • Respond promptly to communications about group meetings and committee business.
  • Attend scheduled group meetings with the understanding that absence from two consecutive meetings without notice may result in deletion from the group roster.
  • Notify the group chair or the KSNA office if unable to attend a scheduled meeting.
  • Prepare for informed discussions at scheduled group meetings.
  • Follow Robert’s Rules of Order during group discussions.
  • Participate in discussion of group business and share responsibility for any activity of the group.
  • Resign from appointed group when participation is no longer possible.

KSNA Standing Committees & Directives:


The Committee on Bylaws shall consist of four persons who shall meet and review the bylaws of this association, and of the Regions as needed.

This committee shall:

  1. suggest and receive all proposed amendments to the bylaws of this association;
  2. submit proposed amendments to the KSNA Board of Directors for review;
  3. submit KSNA proposed amendments to the ANA Committee on Bylaws (COB) for review and recommended action for harmony with the ANA bylaws;
  4. submit proposed amendments, to include those recommended by the ANA COB and reviewed by the KSNA Board of Directors, to the voting body of the KSNA;
  5. review the bylaws of any Regional nurses association wishing to become a constituent association of KSNA and submit its report to the Board of Directors for final approval;
  6. review and advise Regional nurses associations concerning proposed amendments to their bylaws so they may be kept consistent with the bylaws of the KSNA and the ANA;
  7. submit KSNA proposed amendments to the bylaws to the ANA COB within two (2) years of the year that ANA amends its bylaws to bring the KSNA Bylaws into harmony with the ANA Bylaws;
  8. insure only Full/Joint members of both KSNA and ANA are appointed to the KSNA Committee on Bylaws.

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board recommends policies regarding The Kansas Nurse, the official publication of the KSNA. This committee reviews submitted manuscripts and coordinates each issue of the journal with the responsible KSNA staff person.


The KSNA Treasurer serves as Chairperson of this committee. Members prepare the annual budget, review/monitor income and expenditures of the association for consistency with the approved budget, and oversee the financial aspects and compliance of contracts for services and grants. The members also review and recommend all real estate and capital equipment expenditures and sales. They advise the Board of Directors on expenditures at meetings of that body.


This committee consists of the state Legislative Chair and the Legislative Chairs of each region or an alternate. The group studies the needs for legislative action at the federal, state and local levels of government for any implication for nurses, nursing and health. They develop and recommend a state legislative platform to the KSNA Board of Directors for approval and advise the same body on legislative matters.


The State Membership Chair and the Membership Chairs of each region or an alternate comprise this committee. They study and evaluate matters relating to membership in the Association and develop/implement plans to accommodate membership needs for retaining and increasing membership. The group assists in the dissemination of information developed by the National Association in regard to membership promotion. They also develop plans for assisting
regional nurse associations in preparing a continuing program of membership promotion.


This committee is composed of four persons, three of whom are elected as provided in the election process. The member receiving the highest number of votes in the KSNA election will serve as Chair. Each member of the committee shall represent a different region of the state. The committee shall coordinate each annual election of the KSNA in accordance with the association Bylaws.

KSNA Councils & Directives:

Council on Continuing Education

Members of this group monitor the KSNA’s Providership of continuing nursing education contact hours as licensed by the Kansas State Board of Nurses, including the review/approval of applications submitted by others who plan to offer programs for nurses.

Council on Education

Members of this group monitor issues important to the education of nurses in Kansas and responds as needed to address and enhance programs of nursing education throughout the state.

Council on Practice

Members of this group monitor issues important to the practice of nursing in Kansas and responds as needed to address and enhance nursing practice throughout the state.

  • Plan annual efforts for carrying out activities related to the assigned area of nursing.
  • Evaluate trends, developments, and issues within the assigned area of responsibility.
  • Study standards, policies, and positions being established by the structural units of the American Nurses Association and determine relevance to Kansas, and develop means of implementing such within the state.
  • Develop educational materials and plan educational programs relating to the area of responsibility.
  • Address and respond to concerns related to equal opportunity and human rights.
  • Encourage and stimulate research in nursing and nursing education.
  • Work with related professional, community, and legislative groups in matters related to the assigned area of responsibility.
  • Implement such programs as may be assigned by the KSNA Board of Directors.

KSNA Event Planning Groups:

Legislative Conference

Plan, organize and coordinate an annual legislative conference for Kansas nursing students and nurses to learn about the legislative process, current issues related to professional nursing, and public advocacy for health care of all persons.

Membership Assembly

Plan, organize and coordinate an annual assembly of KSNA members for the purpose of providing opportunity for professional networking, offering continuing nursing education contact hours, and conducting annual business of the Association.

Bylaws Committee: Delyna Bohnenblust, ChairNominations Committee: Judy Stroot, Chair
Editorial Board The Kansas Nurse: Debra Pile, ChairEducation Committee: Colleen Paramesh, Chair
Finance Committee: Vicky McGrath, ChairCouncil on Practice: Vacant
Legislation Committee: Linda Adams-Wendling, Interim ChairMembership Committee: Jasmine Bell, Chair


Personal Information:
Employment Information:
Tell us about your education (institution, city & state, and degree received)
Tell us about your leadership in nursing over the last three years (National, State, and Local Levels)

By Submitting This Form:

I confirm that I am a member of KSNA, and I give consent to being appointed to a KSNA committee, council, or event planning group.

I have read the responsibilities listed in the KSNA Bylaws (available by logging in to your Info Hub account) and, if appointed, I agree to the term of the appointment, to assume financial responsibility for my participation, and to actively participate in each assigned group.

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