Hall of Fame Inductees

The Kansas State Nurses Association Hall of Fame Award recognizes outstanding nurse leaders of the state of Kansas. The impact of their lifelong commitment and leadership advanced the goals of the association and the improvement of health care.


Carol Perry
2023 Inductee

Greta Snell
2023 Inductee

Mary Holland
2022 Inductee

Duane Jaeger
2021 Inductee

Naomi King
2019 Inductee

Carolyn Middendorf
2016 Inductee

Diana Guthrie
2014 Inductee

Sr. Catherine Voth
2014 Inductee

Carla Lee
2013 Inductee

Ellen Carson
2012 Inductee

Roberta Thiery
2012 Inductee

Ruth Murphy
2012 Inductee

Cecilia Waggoner
2012 Inductee


The Hall of Fame award is open for nominations, with winners announced at the Kansas State Nurses Association Membership Assembly.